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Civil Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Projects

The Firm has fully qualified civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers and support staff who are employed on major engineering and building projects as separate disciplines or brought together as a multidisciplinary unit.

Engineers are incorporated into design teams involved in civil engineering projects which, in addition to their basic civil engineering nature, require the involvement of engineers from disciplines such as sewage treatment and water treatment facilities.

The firm has undertaken many assignments over a wide range of engineering application. This has required the structuring of project teams comprising differing skills to cover the project requirements of:

Heavy Industrial Sector
Mine Surface Development

Steel Mills

Fertilizers Factories

Cement Works

Ore Crushing Handling Plants, etc.

Support Infrastructure, Utility and Environmental Engineering Fields

Master planning of all types of engineering and utility services

Railways, railway sidings and railway electrification

Transportation studies of all types

Water source identification, development and distribution covering both surface and ground water

Sewerage reticulations and sewage and trade effluent treatment, reclamation and reuse

Flood studies and flood control engineering

Electrical reticulation and generation

Township development in all of its aspects

Airport design

In the Building Sector we have extensive experience in providing services in the Electrical, Mechanical, Structural and Civil Engineering fields to mining, industrial and commercial buildings and developments of all kinds. These services include basic planning, master planning, layout design, layout, design of buildings reinforced concrete and steel frame construction, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical power supply etc.

A few mining related projects are listed below, together with examples of industrial and commercial projects.


Detail designs for new infrastructure requirements and implementation of construction phase for roads, all buildings, power supply, water and sewerage, airstrip, landfill and associated works including foundations and other civil works for the DMS plant and various installations related to high security areas.

1ST Phase 2001 - 2003 – Open Cast

Project Management and QA Supervision for the following:-

Ore handling facilities including crushers, conveyors, storage dome, off- loading stations power supply etc.

Bulk power supply and reticulation.

Mine employee and Management villages at Ngezi and Selous.

Wastewater treatment including engineering design and supervision.

Solid waste facility investigation and preliminary design.

Q A Supervision of 80km high-load access and haul roads.

2nd Phase 2004 – 2005 – Portals 1 and 2

Civil and Structural Engineering designs for Ore handling options, roads, airstrip and related infrastructure. Included were overland conveyor options and full documentation for three crushing stations, two silos, offloading stations and associated conveyors, roadworks, etc. with EPCM firms Sandvik Materials Handling and DRA.

QA Supervision and maintenance management for above. Maintenance management of main roads plus minor subsidiary projects continuing through 2006

Prefeasibility study for road and rail options for ore haulage from future portals

3rd Phase 2007 – 2012 Portals 3 and 4

Civil and Structural Engineering designs and QA supervision for Ore handling facilities as before.

Co-consultants with Aurecon for study, design and supervision of the Rehabilitation of Main Access and Haul Roads – Value $20 million.

Designs and QA Supervision for other Civil and Structural work including retaining walls at the Selous off-loading station and new silo.

Zimplats Dome Access Road

The works included the following

Construction supervision and quality control

Site Reconnaissance Survey

Design of the Dome Access Road – geometric layout and vertical alignment designs of road including loading area.

Stormwater conveyance design.

Configuration of gabion positions.

Drawings:- Layout plan, Long section, Cross Sections at 20m Intervals and Typical Road Standard Details

Preparation of a Bill of Estimate Quantities for tenderers to price.

Zimplats Mill Crane Pad Design

The works included the following

E/W Design and Overall Management
Load Related Design

Detail Design and Specification

Drainage design

Geotechnical investigation and report


Quotations/Estimates and assessment

Contract documentation

Construction supervision and quality control

Ngezi Open Pit Crusher Design

The works included the following
Design Management

Open Pit Crusher Design and drawings

Gabion wall design and drawings

Drainage design and drawings

Grizly design and drawings

Contract documentation

Construction supervision

Ngezi Road Rehabilitation

The works included the following

Field Investigations,

Design And Drawings

Contract Documentation And Award

Procument Procedure

Construction supervision and quality control

Ngezi Main Administration Block View Point

The works included the following

Geotechnical surveys

Structural designs to support a View point platform that measures 7.62m*4.85m steel

Supervision of the construction of the steel structure to ensure design and standards are met.

Ensure that the structure is easy to assembly on confined space.

Detail Design and Specification

Quality control

Zimplats Viewpoint

The works included the following

Platform Structural steel designing and detailing.

Platform Reinforced concrete foundations designing and detailing.

Platform Handrail specification.

Zimplats Primary School

The works included the following

Preliminary Design (Tender Drawings)

Detail Designs (Construction Drawings)

Procurement Procedure

Tender Documentation

Contract Document

Geotechnical surveys and gravel prospecting

Construction supervision and quality control

Wanganui Secondary School Outfall Sewer

The works included the following

Design sewer line connecting all the teachers’ houses and ablution blocks located within the Wanganui Secondary School complex to the Core Houses Outfall Sewer Line.

Design the sewer line so that the effluent flows by gravity.

Decommission all the septic tanks and soakaways.

Construction supervision and quality control

Design of a sewage treatment process and plant for effluent treatment

Ngezi Selous road

The works included the following

Geotechnical investigation/ feasibility

Gravel location

Quality control (material) – supervision

Survey and design

Construction supervision

Health and Safety supervision

Ngezi Portal 4 Re-Development

The works included the following

Structural design and reinforcement detailing of concrete ore-pass walls, rock breaker plinths and slabs for the Northern and Southern ore-passes.

Structural design and detailing of conveyor, MCC Building and miscellaneous structures concrete plinths.

Inspection of fixed reinforcement.

SMC Mill foundation

The works included the following

reinforcement inspection

Quality control

Construction supervision

Zimplats Rock Breaker

The works included the following

Structural design and reinforcement detailing of concrete plinth foundation.

Ngezi Portal 5 Junction

The works included the following

Conceptual design for 40m radium round about for ngezi portal 5 mine and ministry approval.

Quality control

Construction supervision

Ngezi Portal 6

The works included the following

Estimation of construction costa of new main T-junction of a new access road to portal 6

Quality control

Construction supervision


Detail designs and projects supervision for civil and electrical engineering for approximately 1407 housing and associated community services = Value $31 million – 2010-2012